Creating an account for SSAT digital services


The following SSAT digital services are all connected to a single sign on (SSO) service - this means you only need to remember one username and password for all of them!

Before you can log in to any of these services you need to create an account in our SSO.

Two approaches

There are two ways of logging in to these services:

  • Creating a username and password in our SSO service, or

  • Authenticating with a Google account

Whichever route you choose, you need to use that method from then on.

Whether you are using Google authentication or creating an account with username and password, in order to access the services you or your institution may have paid for it’s essential that you use the same email address as the one we have for you in our records.

If we have sent you an invitation email in which we ask you to use a specific email to register, then please use that email address when registering your account. If you are using Google authentication then you must be logged in to Google with an account that has the same email address.

Please choose an email address that is individual to you, not a role-based address like or Please do not set up shared accounts, as for some services such as our e-learning platforms it’s essential that the login relates to you as an individual. There is no limit to how many staff at a school can have accounts.

Choose which route you prefer: