Registering an Account

This section describes the normal method to create a username and password. If you are planning to use your Google account to authenticate to our services do not follow these instructions, instead see this page.

Whether you are using Google authentication or creating an account with username and password, in order to access the services you or your institution may have paid for it’s essential that you use the same email address as the one we have for you in our records.

If we have sent you an invitation email in which we ask you to use a specific email to register, then please use that email address when registering your account. If you are using Google authentication then you must be logged in to Google with an account that has the same email address.

Please choose an email address that is individual to you, not a role-based address like or Please do not set up shared accounts, as for some services such as our e-learning platforms it’s essential that the login relates to you as an individual. There is no limit to how many staff at a school can have accounts.

  1. Go to the Register your Details page

  2. Enter the username and password you would like to use plus your email (as per the guidance above) and select Register.

    Your username cannot contain spaces or the @ symbol. It is unique to SSAT systems and is not linked to your school systems in any way.
    sso register
  3. The next stage will take up to a minute while records are created for you.

Confirming your email

  1. Please check your inbox for the verification email from (check your spam folder as it might be in there) and click the link - on the page it takes you to enter your password to verify your email address. Please note your login will not work until your email address has veen verified.

    If the verification email hasn’t arrived within 15 minutes and isn’t in your junk mail folder, please contact us at for assistance

  2. See the login page for detailed instructions for each service.

  3. On your very first login you will be asked to accept the SSAT Terms and Conditions - once you have accepted those you will be directed to the service you requested.